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The Best Thing

Luminosity' Journal Continues. . .

Now that we met the skunk raccoon we all wanted to know more about it. So the teachers said that we could take care of it. All three of us volunteered. We get to see him almost everyday and he is very friendly to us.

It turns out he only eats grass and fruit so the flight teacher was correct. Then we got in the advanced animal class where we get to learn about all kinds of animals and how to take care of them. It is very fun here and the best thing is that I have are two friends.

Two days before

"We are about to be late for class" Talonflight said he was very annoyed that they were going to be late to there first advanced animal class. They were the youngest dragons in the class and almost late.

"I'm ready to go" Calltinrion finally said and as soon as she came out he was off. He was very fast and as they got to the last hallway he was sitting down in an open chair.

He glanced up at the clock "just in time" he thought. Then class started. It was amazing, the first animal they learned about was the snat. It was a part snake part cat but it really looked like a hairy snake. The teacher had one that she showed to us. It was very nice and was curling around my neck when the teacher said "stop it is trying to hunt you."

The whole class went silent. I am alright I said taking the snat off my neck. The best thing about this school I thought was that we got to interact with everything.
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