dragonswimmer (dragonswimmer) wrote,

First Day Of School

"I am Luminosity"the dragon said as she looked out over her new class. She had thought that her first day of school was going to start with someone making a rude comment and it going downhill from there but so far it had been good. The day went pretty much like that until they got to flying class. You see most young dragons start to fly in school much like you would learn to write in school. Luminosity had such a huge wingspan (she inherited it from her mom)you would think she would be very good at flying right from the start but it was actually the other way around. Her wing muscles were as strong as any other dragon but she had larger wings then them.
The effect of this was her wings dropped down disabling her to fly.

Of course she did't know this, she was just barely in school she did not even dream of things so complex.(dragons brains are not as big as ours) so when they lined up she thought this should be easy. All of the dragons in front of her fell a few feet then spread his or her wings and flew as easily as they were breathing.When it was her turn she leapt off the tree branch and started to fall. She tried to spread her wings all the way but they were too heavy. When she hit the ground it did not hurt because she landed in a bush but she was extremely embarrassed. Smaller dragons were laughing at her from all the way up the tree. What an embarrassing moment.
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