White one


School is almost over and I am very pleased because I got to meet so many different dragons. Then in the last week the principal made an announcement. This is what she said, "I am very proud to say that for the next week we will be having our end of the year field trip to Saint Marks wild life preserve." Then she said something surprising "we will be splitting up into groups of 3 or 4 dragons."

The whole school started to cluster into different groups. It looked like only a few people were left without groups. But I was not one of them. Calltinrion, Talonflight, and I were already hovering near each other so we got in a group. Dragons started murmuring with each other excitedly. The one we heard the most was "I can't wait for Tuesday when it starts."

But the rest of us were thinking dragons do not melt in the rain but teachers do not know that. The night of the big day we packed a set of extra sunglasses. Then we saw the bus. It was HUGE. That is huge for a dragon bus and dragons are big so they need big busses. So it was a big bus. As we boarded the bus we were told to put all food away until we got off the bus. When we got off the bus the teacher said "find your groups kids." So we did. It looked like it was about to rain but that did not stop the teachers. "Now you can go explore the swamp a little bit."

As we left she yelled after us "remember to write down the animals you see." When we got out into the swamp we heard a noise. Let's go that way Calltinrion said anticipating that it was an animal. As they broke through the brush they found a herd of capybaras???

That was so bizarre. We told our teacher. She had given us all a lecture about exotic/invasive species like the capybara. She also said a nickname for the capybara was natures ottoman and it ate water hyacinth. It was really awesome that we got to see them but then we had to go home and prepare for tearful goodbyes. For the next few days we were very sad but then we remembered summer camp and that we all were going. I can't wait to come back and meet my friends but for now goodbye.
White one

The Best Thing

Luminosity' Journal Continues. . .

Now that we met the skunk raccoon we all wanted to know more about it. So the teachers said that we could take care of it. All three of us volunteered. We get to see him almost everyday and he is very friendly to us.

It turns out he only eats grass and fruit so the flight teacher was correct. Then we got in the advanced animal class where we get to learn about all kinds of animals and how to take care of them. It is very fun here and the best thing is that I have are two friends.

Two days before

"We are about to be late for class" Talonflight said he was very annoyed that they were going to be late to there first advanced animal class. They were the youngest dragons in the class and almost late.

"I'm ready to go" Calltinrion finally said and as soon as she came out he was off. He was very fast and as they got to the last hallway he was sitting down in an open chair.

He glanced up at the clock "just in time" he thought. Then class started. It was amazing, the first animal they learned about was the snat. It was a part snake part cat but it really looked like a hairy snake. The teacher had one that she showed to us. It was very nice and was curling around my neck when the teacher said "stop it is trying to hunt you."

The whole class went silent. I am alright I said taking the snat off my neck. The best thing about this school I thought was that we got to interact with everything.
White one

Luminosity's Monster

I am finally getting to have a flight test. The rest of the dragons took it a few weeks ago but my mother (without my permission) asked them to give me some time. So I get to take the test today, it will be fun to see the look on the flight teacher's face when she see's how good I got at flying. I can not believe how much my mother taught me about flying. Now I am going to flight class.

As I got there I saw some other dragons. The flight teacher went up to us and introduced us. One of them was named Calltinrion. I know weird name and the other was named Talonflight. She then said that "we would fly together on the flight test so we should get to know each other." Calltinrion was a small wiry dragon with short wings.

Talonflight looked like your average dragon with normal wings and a thick body.

Then we started flying we were supposed to fly to the other end of the forest but then something happened. We heard a huge crunching noise up ahead and it seemed to come from a large thicket of trees. Then Calltinrion said something unexpected "hey we should go check that out." I immediately thought this is not a good idea but then Talonflight started to turn in the direction of the thicket. I guess I had to go I could not just stay there. So we headed over to the thicket. As I ducked in I thought I saw a glimpse of purple through the brush but then it was gone. "Wait," said Calltinrion, "Do you hear that sound?"

"No, I don't hear anything," Talonflight and I said simultaneously.

"No, don't say anything, I think it's coming from over there."

Then there was a huge purple monster very close to our wing tips. It was a little bit like a skunk raccoon hybrid, but purple. Then Talonflight said "I used to see this animal all the time at home. Go behind it and make a loud noise. It will scare it off."

So Calltinrion flew very close to the back of it's neck and let out a giant roar. It turned and fled as though an invisible force had scared it away.

We kept flying on the path until we got to the end of the forest. The flight teacher was sitting at the edge. She said that we had the best speed and we all thought "what!" and told her about our encounter with the skunk raccoon and she laughed and said you met Reality, the skoon. He would never touch a scale on your bodies.
White one

First Day Of School

"I am Luminosity"the dragon said as she looked out over her new class. She had thought that her first day of school was going to start with someone making a rude comment and it going downhill from there but so far it had been good. The day went pretty much like that until they got to flying class. You see most young dragons start to fly in school much like you would learn to write in school. Luminosity had such a huge wingspan (she inherited it from her mom)you would think she would be very good at flying right from the start but it was actually the other way around. Her wing muscles were as strong as any other dragon but she had larger wings then them.
The effect of this was her wings dropped down disabling her to fly.

Of course she did't know this, she was just barely in school she did not even dream of things so complex.(dragons brains are not as big as ours) so when they lined up she thought this should be easy. All of the dragons in front of her fell a few feet then spread his or her wings and flew as easily as they were breathing.When it was her turn she leapt off the tree branch and started to fall. She tried to spread her wings all the way but they were too heavy. When she hit the ground it did not hurt because she landed in a bush but she was extremely embarrassed. Smaller dragons were laughing at her from all the way up the tree. What an embarrassing moment.